About Us

Our Approach

We believe strongly that single parents can “elevate their future” through education. We seek to understand the needs of single parent students and empower them to realize their academic success by completing a two or four year degree. Our mission is to offer robust support to this unique, underserved community of students.

Our Story

We exist through the generous grant from the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma and a matched contribution from SWOSU Student Affairs. Our organization was founded by Dr. Amanda Evert, Amanda Volner, and Savannah Schones, as the need to support single parent students of SWOSU presented itself. According to the American Council on Education (2014), single parent students make up 15.2% of the national undergraduate student body. While the U.S. Department of Education (2014) reports only 5.4% of single parent students graduate compared to their non-traditional student peers at 44%.

Meet the Team

We are all committed to the parental, academic, and career successes of our student members. Our success is based on how well we serve you in achieving your academic goals!

Dr. Amanda Evert

Founder & Sponsor

Dr. Amanda Evert is an assistant professor and Everett Dobson Endowed Marketing Chair in the School of Business and Technology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  In the past decade, Evert has worked on grant-funded projects from NSF, USDA, NIH, NASA, DOL, DOED, and WFOK.

At SWOSU, she teaches marketing and management courses. Evert’s real-world marketing experience includes products ranging from technology solutions to agricultural products to educational programming. She has been actively involved in developing marketing materials and assisting small business owners in developing business plans.

Evert is the wife of Dr. Jeremy Evert and the mother of two children.

“Empowering single parents to earn college degrees is very rewarding work,” said Evert. “I am excited to see the program continue to grow.”

Amanda Volner

Co-Founder & Program Coordinator

Amanda is an undergraduate student at SWOSU seeking a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership with a strong desire to use her journey as a single parent student to inspire and empower others to succeed. Volner earned her Associate of Arts in Business with University of Phoenix in 2015. She is the single mother to Harper, 4, who’s sassy, sweet, and spirited.

“With this lovely group of fellow students I’m given the opportunity every day to make a difference. I’m truly honored.” -Amanda Volner

Savannah Schones

Co-Founder & Sponsor

Savannah is the Coordinator of Career Services at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  She is a purpose-driven servant with a heart to serve community needs, particularly with children and vulnerable populations. 

She earned her Bachelor of Social Work from Southwestern Oklahoma State University where she minored in Child Development Psychology.  She and her husband are blessed with two very fun-loving children.

“It is beyond rewarding to work with the students involved in this group,”  said Schones.  “I am richly blessed to know each of them and share in their journey of parenthood.”

 Special Contributors

SWOSU SPN extends gratitude and appreciation for the special contributions made to our cause.

Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma – Financial Grant

SWOSU Student Affairs – Student Allocations Funding

Emily Nicole Photo – Photography

Kyle Wright – Logo Design